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Igniting Her Worth, LLC.

Sweetheart, you are worthy. You are stronger than you think and more than enough. I am here to help awaken the amazing woman that lives within you.

  • Do you feel unseen or unheard?
  • Is your self-esteem and confidence based on what others think of you?
  • Do you have a negative / critical inner voice?
  • Do you compare yourself to other women?
  • Do you feel as though you’re not enough?

I completely understand that feeling unworthy or unsure is painful. Been there. Done that.

Perhaps you’re mentally or emotionally tired. It’s time to silence the self doubt and negative self-talk that prevents you from becoming the best that you can be!

I have the solution for women who have been challenged with domestic abuse, (Mental, Physical, Sexual, Verbal, or Emotional) and are seeking more for themselves and are looking for the next step in moving forward.

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Customized tools to suit the needs of each client in a non-judgemental space to grow in.

1:1 Self Esteem and Confidence Coaching





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HI, My name is Wendye Savage. As a confidence and esteem coach my mission is to offer tools and resources to women who come from domestic abusive backgrounds and struggle with negative self-talk.

Igniting Her Worth, LLC was birthed from my personal story from the pit to the palace. I have become the person I needed during my most challenging times. It is my calling to help other women as they embark on the journey of becoming the best version of themselves. I use my experience, excellent listening skills, natural gifts of empathy, insight and certified training to help understand the needs of my clients.


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